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About Amex Die Cutting Company

Amex Die Cutting, Inc. has been in business for over 30 years in South El Monte, California. The company began as a die cutting business, and has grown to become a full service trade finisher. In fact, our reputation for excellence is well known in the area. Customers have been quoted to say, “ if the people at Amex can’t do it, then it can’t be done.”

We have done work for the movie and music industries, such as record jackets and CD folders. Also some of our customers have brought us work from companies that make teacher related products for the classroom.

In our foil stamping department, we have done glamorous pieces for the Grammy and Academy Awards, as well as amazing materials for Disney over the years.

As a trade finisher we work directly with the printers and their designers or production personnel, to make sure every project runs through production smoothly and is completed in the highest quality.

Amex Die Cutting Company has one of the only Heidelberg cylinder presses (perhaps the only one in the U.S.) that was designed as a foil stamping/ embossing press from Heidelberg. Amex runs everything from label stock up to 24 point board on that press. We also run several other Heidelberg cylinder presses that have been customized for die cutting: several hand fed die cutting presses, one Nikko Arrowcut, three Kluges for foil stamping and a variety of other finishing equipment for mounting and folding & gluing.

Our newest piece of equipment is the Bobst Fuego 110 which can fold, glue and apply tape at approximately 30,000 pieces an hour. This machine helps us meet or exceed customers’ expectations on delivery of finished products.

Over the many years of production, Amex Die Cutting Company has show cased our capabilities by designing a promotional Christmas card that is completely foil stamped, and pops up and folds into an envelope for delivery. These designs are samples of the ingenuity of paper designs we can produce. Some of our customers display our cards all year long as a sample of what can be achieved with foil stamping and die cutting . Amex is the expert in die cutting and other finishing services. We have many years of experience and we continue to be dedicated to quality and service. Call us today or come by our office to see how Amex can help you with your next project!

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